Table Rock Soccer Club’s goal is to form Reign teams at all age groups.  However, team formation is dependent upon the number, quality and commitment of players who attend Performance Evaluations, tryouts and subsequent trial practices.    Table Rock SC is a boutique club and unlike larger clubs, we don’t have a large pool of experienced players and therefore, have the advantage of looking for characteristics and skills that fit our philosophy and standards at all ages of development. That standard ensures our players are teachable.

Table Rock’s Reign Teams

Table Rock Reign 05 Boys

Table Rock Reign 07 Girls

Tryouts and Performance Evaluations are typically held in June or July for the Fall season and January or February for the Spring season.  If a player misses a tryout they may participate in trials, upon proper notice to the team Head Coach and the Registrar.   At any time a player can trial for another team within the Club. A Trial is similar to a Tryout, but the core team has already been formed. Players who feel they are good enough to trial for a Reign team can do so at any time upon Board approval and may attend up to three (3) team practice sessions.

Players are evaluated throughout the season during practices, scrimmages, and games. The Club will initially place players on a team that is best suited to their performance and may be moved from one team to another during the season, based on what the coaches determine is best for the teams and the player.

If you would like more information about Table Rock Soccer Club’s Reign teams email our Registrar with your player’s name, date of birth and soccer experience and she will guide you in the right direction,