Coach Eirik stamping Bennett Palodichuk's Benchmark Badge.

Coach Eirik stamping Bennett Palodichuk’s Benchmark Badge.

Soccer doesn’t take talent, it takes passion and dedication… it’s probably one of the few sports where on any given day, hard work triumphs over talent.  The correct attitude to progress to your full potential as a coach or player is vital – on and off the field.

 Table Rock SC’s mission is to produce technically proficient, innovative players with problem solving ability.   We believe it is our job as a club, and as coaches, to provide consistent, quality feedback to our families and players to achieve this.  It is important for our players to know and understand how they are progressing through our developmental model – not only in the areas they are excelling in, but in the areas where improvement is needed as well.

The benchmarks that Table Rock SC has in place are based on well-documented best practices to achieving soccer success for our players.  Each player receives a card upon registration that has squares representing each benchmark they are challenged to pass throughout the season.   When a player achieves a benchmark stamp from an approved Table Rock SC Rep., it is proof of their commitment to training and becoming a better soccer player.  When a player’s card is filled they can move onto the next level, adding to their benchmark badges.  Benchmark badges are Table Rock SC’s ‘report card’, representing the development of our players, and ultimately our Club.