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select-soccerReign Soccer
Reign soccer is for 11U+ players and requires a high level of commitment from both the players and their families. The decision to play at this level is a choice that needs careful consideration.  Table Rock Soccer Club’s goal is to form Reign teams at all age groups.  However, team formation is dependent upon the number, quality and commitment of the players who attend performance camps and subsequent trial practices.  Players are evaluated based on their Technical ability, Soccer Intelligence, Personality, and Speed (TIPS). Fit within a particular age group or team may also be taken into consideration.

Table Rock SC is a boutique club and unlike larger clubs, we don’t have a large pool of experienced players and therefore, have the advantage of looking for characteristics and skills that fit our philosophy and standards at all stages of development. That standard ensures our players are teachable.

If you would like more information about Table Rock SC’s Reign teams email our Vice President with your player’s name, date of birth and soccer experience and she will guide you in the right direction, tablerocksoccer.registernow@gmail.com

club-picKrush Soccer
Krush teams are formed by gender and age.  The ultimate goal for individual teams within Table Rock SC is to keep the difference in level of the most accomplished player to the least accomplished to a minimum.

Table Rock sees training, more so than games, as a tool to foster long-term development.  This intramural setting is designed to encourage player and parent alike, to mingle and engage with other members of Table Rock SC.  It’s likely that you’ll develop new relationships during the same time that players are developing their skill in the game of soccer.

At Table Rock SC, our Board of Directors and Coaching staff understand it’s natural for players to develop at different times and stages.  We want to give our players a lifetime of skills that can be applied in, and outside of the beautiful game.  Through small-sided games of 3v3 or 4v4, players can socialize, communicate, and collaborate while passing and dribbling the ball.  Large fields with a lot of players result in many players watching down the field while a few select players attempt to play.  At this level of play the game is the best teacher.  So we play a lot of games and focus on the young players’ technique and ball control.  As players progress through our process our coaching staff provides them with problems to solve and drills are mixed into the training sessions that illustrate the necessary skills.  While in the Club’s system players are evaluated based on their Technical ability, Soccer Intelligence, Personality, and Speed (TIPS), to allow the pace of their development to be up to them.

Requests for specific coaches and/or placement with friends on the same team are not accepted.

 Academy Soccer                                                                                                                                                                  Academy Soccer is the foundation for building future Table Rock-Stars!   We have Junior Academy, which is for players born 2014-2016 and our Academy program is open to players born 2011-2013.  These programs focus on the basic fundamentals and encourage these young players to develop a love for the game.  As an intra-club program we are able to customize our teams and training at a level that general league play does not permit.  Table Rock teams play one another in scrimmages and in-house tournaments.  This customized, community-minded approach promotes a culture focused on player development.  When there are not other league teams involved during this critical phase of training we are able to focus on individual skills training, team building, and the core abilities required to build successful players.    

Requests for specific coaches and/or placement with friends on the same team are not accepted.           

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        Age Chart

                     Birth Year        Soccer Year 2019/2020 Division

    2014 – 2016                            4U / 6U – Jr. Academy

2012 – 2013                              7U / 8U – Academy

                        2010 – 2011                        9U / 10U – Academy Krush               

2009                                                  11/U

2008                                                  12/U

2006 – 2007                                     13U / 14U

                2005                                                  15U