Don’t compromise our club philosophy, winning is a by product of our system,
it’s not if you win or lose it’s the development of the individual and team. Focus on the process, not result.

Table Rock Soccer Club is ran 100% by Volunteers.
Board Members are key to our success and focus on the Club’s Mission Statement in all that they do.

Jayme Palodichuk
Vice President/Treasurer
Jayme has been involved with Table Rock SC for over 10 years.  Her oldest started playing through a camp that was put on by the Club when he was just 4 years old.  Both of her boys have trained hard and started playing competitively in 2014.  Having lived in the valley for more than 20 years, Jayme appreciates the small-town, boutique-style of the Club so when she saw an opportunity to help out, she joined the board as the Registrar.  She has since acquired her F Coaching License and prides herself on making each season more successful than the last.  Her commitment to the Club’s success is evident in the countless hours she works to improve the Club’s processes and programs. 

Shiaynne Marshall
As a lifelong resident of the Rogue Valley, Shiaynne has enjoyed being a part of Table Rock Soccer Club since 1999 when she started playing soccer in elementary school.  She now has 2 daughters who play for Table Rock SC and has volunteered for the last several years.  Her and her family enjoy the small-town feeling of the club and look forward to participating in it’s growing success. 

Shayla Bixler
As a member of Table Rock SC, Shayla has always enjoyed assisting the club with events, projects and promotions.  When the position of Secretary opened up she was more than willing to step-up and volunteer even more of her time.  She supports and believes in our culture of ‘measured and encouraged’ and the focus on player development, as her son is proof that works!   Shayla has appreciated watching the club evolve into a united front that focuses on the fundamentals of the game to ensure future soccer success and looks forward to many more years with Table Rock.  

Gage Ramirez
Equipment Coordinator
Gage Ramirez is a life-long soccer player and loves sharing his passion for the game with others.  He has volunteered in several capacities for multiple organizations throughout the valley and joined Table Rock when his nephew started playing for us.  As a an Academy Coach he was an instant hit with his players and their families and he was encouraged to take on a bigger role and join the board.  


President   President@tablerocksoccer.com
Vice-President/Treasurer   Jayme Palodichuk VicePresident@tablerocksoccer.com
Secretary  Shayla Bixler Secretary@tablerocksoccer.com
Registrar   Shiaynne Marshall Registrar@tablerocksoccer.com
Equipment Coordinator Gage Ramirez